"Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question." - e.e. cummings

searching finding knowing forgetting dreaming loving living laughing dying smiling curiously exploring the deeper sides of life and its great mysteries

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sun in cancer. moon in scorpio. scorpio rising.

When you recognize that there is a voice in your head that pretends to be you and never stops speaking, you are awakening out of your unconscious identification with the stream of thinking. When you notice that voice, you realize that who you are is not the voice — the thinker — but the one who is aware of it.

Eckhart Tolle (via yeshecholwa)

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this is the generation of seekers,
those who seek Your Presence.
Raise up yr heads, o gates
& be uplifted, eternal openings,
so that the King of Glory may come in!

Psalms 24:6-7
(adapted translation)
We are the source of healing and happiness. Our generosity and concern pacify every negative situation. As we send out kindness, we grow accustomed to being strong and kind.

Ringu Tulku (via yeshecholwa)

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